AMBI Pictures: Rupture’s Leading Actress Noomi Rapace

AMBI Pictures‘ Founders Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino are already excited to start planning their new production project ‘Rupture‘ with plenty of recognized names behind the production, directing and acting of the film. The film itself has been screenwritten by 30 Days of Night‘s Brian Nelson, directed by Steven Shainberg, and produced by American Sniper‘s Andrew Lazar.

It is now been confirmed that Prometheus Swedish Actress Noomi Rapace will be playing the leading role of the film, ‘Rupture’ although at this current moment the plot to this interesting new film remains top secret for the time being. The film is looking to start its production in June this year.

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Monika Bacardi AMBI Pictures Andrew Lazar Andrea Iervolino

PHOTO Magazine Has Arrived with a New Issue

Monika Bacardi, co-owner of PHOTO Magazine has released the new issue of PHOTO Magazine, which has a particular focus in the field of fashion photography. This making it another unique feature to the last features released, being the Rolling Stones Feature and Amateur Photography.

This month’s brand new issue covers the Grand Exposition of Jean Paul Gaultier this year at the Grand Palais, which was the first time for the renown designer to expose 35 years worth of his work throughout his career. PHOTO Magazine have also covered numerous other art and photography in the issue as well as this exposition.

The new issue of PHOTO Magazine is available to purchase now at all available newsagents and stores.
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PHOTO Magazine April Issue Monika Bacardi