PHOTO Magazine Update: Monika Bacardi with Boy George (Culture Club) in Los Angeles

Owners of PHOTO Magazine Monika Bacardi and David Swaelens-Kane are with Boy George from the renown 80’s band Culture Club at an event in Los Angeles.
In the picture below, Boy George poses with PHOTO Magazine Rolling Stones Edition, and is apparently a fan of the publication, as well as posing with Monika Bacardi, and of course her daughter Maria Luisa Bacardi, along with PHOTO Magazine co-owner David Swaelens-Kane.

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Monika Bacardi Boy George Culture Club Maria Luisa Bacardi PHOTO Magazine Los Angeles Monika Bacardi Boy George PHOTO Magazine

PHOTO Magazine releases new March Issue with a show-stopping new cover!

PHOTO Magazine owners Monika Bacardi and David Swaelens-Kane release their newest issue of PHOTO Magazine, with the theme of the Rolling Stones and ‘Rock N Roll’, a major breakthrough in the Photography Publication Industry. With this cover being one of the most anticipated by PHOTO Magazine readers, this issue will certainly not disappoint.

With the front cover feature featuring none only then Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, truly radiating the theme of this month’s issue, it may be one of the most promising issues since the takeover of Monika Bacardi and David Swaelens-Kane late last year.

Below, is the picture of the released issue of PHOTO Magazine with Mick Jagger on front cover, for further information on PHOTO Magazine and the daily life of Monika Bacardi, keep updated on her Official Blogs or visit the Official Website of Monika Bacardi.

PHOTO Magazine March Issue Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Monika Bacardi