PHOTO Magazine Update: Monika Bacardi with Boy George (Culture Club) in Los Angeles

Owners of PHOTO Magazine Monika Bacardi and David Swaelens-Kane are with Boy George from the renown 80’s band Culture Club at an event in Los Angeles.
In the picture below, Boy George poses with PHOTO Magazine Rolling Stones Edition, and is apparently a fan of the publication, as well as posing with Monika Bacardi, and of course her daughter Maria Luisa Bacardi, along with PHOTO Magazine co-owner David Swaelens-Kane.

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Monika Bacardi Boy George Culture Club Maria Luisa Bacardi PHOTO Magazine Los Angeles Monika Bacardi Boy George PHOTO Magazine

Maria Luisa Bacardi releases new song for AMBI Pictures film ‘2047: Sights of Death’

Maria Luisa Bacardi, singer/actress and daughter of Monika Bacardi; founder of AMBI Pictures Production Company, has released a new soundtrack song ‘You Are Not Alone‘ for motion picture film ‘2047: Sights of Death
The film is starring Hollywood stars Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and Danny Glover, and the synopsis is a rebel agent army combatting against the Confederate Central Government in the year of 2047, a thrilling sci-fi action film, which displays a dystopian, futuristic rebellion.

Maria Luisa Bacardi is seen in the newly released music video, in futuristic scenes, singing alongside scenes of the newly released film, featuring in the music video.

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Soundtrack von Maria Luisa Bacardi für Film 2047 : Sights of Death Tochter Monika Bacardi